Testing browser compatibility becomes fun with Browserlabs

Posted by Hypee | Fri 8, Apr 2011

Every web developer knows that fact : we have to make our websites compatible with most browsers and that's a painful task. However, some tools are available to ease that process. Adobe did launch an online application called BrowserLab, which allows to test your website across multiples browsers. We also tested other competitors, already on the market for a while.

Adobe BrowserLab

BrowserLab was launched by Adobe few months ago. It allows to test the browser compatibility of any public website (you can check local websites with Adobe Dreamweaver CS4+, your pages will be pushed to Adobe server to be remotely rendered).

The service is free for a short trial period, then Adobe will charge it for about 20$ per month.

You can define a set of browsers (with a maximum of 10) that will be used to make the compatibility test.

Browser list selection

You can check the result for a specific browser as soon has it has finished loading the page you specified. Other browsers will continue to work in the background.

Loading screen

You can save the result for one browser as a single image file (use the right click button), for example to include it in a compatibilty report for the customer or to send a screenshot of a problem to the webdesigner. In the current version, it's not possible to retrieve all the screenshots in one click.

Saving a screenshot

First impressions

The Adobe BrowserLab is very well designed, super easy to use and making browser compatibility verifications a lot more fun than it used to be. Not every web designer will find it's worth the value when the service will stop to be free, but we are pretty sure that most web professionals will adopt it soon or later.

To come : testing other browser compatibility checking tools.

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