W3Techs, CMS usage statistics, April 2011, WordPress domination

Posted by Hypee | Mon 25, Apr 2011

W3Techs is publishing stats on various web technology usages. Today we will take a look at the CMS usage statistics.

We made a chart with the CMS engines making at last 1% in the W3Techs ranking. It's quite important to note that 75% of the websites are using another CMS/Framework (or are not using any framework) than what W3Techs is monitoring.  

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Wappalyzer, some interesting stats for web developers

Posted by Hypee | Wed 13, Apr 2011

Wappalyzer is a new application, a new browser plugin to be exact, that collects information to tell you what softwares are used / installed on the websites you're visiting. They are publishing stats which are quite useful to see what are the trends for web development.

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Testing browser compatibility becomes fun with Browserlabs

Posted by Hypee | Fri 8, Apr 2011

Every web developer knows that fact : we have to make our websites compatible with most browsers and that's a painful task. However, some tools are available to ease that process. Adobe did launch an online application called BrowserLab, which allows to test your website across multiples browsers. We also tested other competitors, already on the market for a while.

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