Wappalyzer, some interesting stats for web developers

Posted by Hypee | Wed 13, Apr 2011

Wappalyzer is a new application, a new browser plugin to be exact, that collects information to tell you what softwares are used / installed on the websites you're visiting. They are publishing stats which are quite useful to see what are the trends for web development.

Wappalyzer is analyzing the HTML sources and finds footprints to define what softwares were used or installed on the websites visited by people having installed their plugin.

Different kind of applications are detected : CMS, statistic tools, database manager, documentation tool... and even the editor used to create pages !

Wappalizer stats

The statistics are probably not extremely accurate (they are not able to detect every single application) but are still relevant enough to help decision taking or discover tools that everybody is using for ages.

So, at a glance, what tools are making the web in 2011 ?
Wordpress, Magento, vBulletin, jQuery, cufon, Google Analytics, MySQL, Dreamweaver !

No big surprise (seriously guys, you're still using Dreamweaver ???), but it's still very interesting to see how some solutions are so far ahead their competitors.

We've done some screenshots to be able to see the progression in a couple of months.


Keep in mind that some CMS (like Ionize that we're using), for security concerns, try to avoid being detected.

CMS statistics

Web servers

Interesting to see how Nginx is largely adopted, a lot more than we supposed ! (Nginx is high-performance HTTP server / proxy, allowing to manage heavy traffic in situations where Apache can not handle it).

webserver stats

Statistics engine

No surprise, Google Analytics is crushing the market. Your favorite indeed is Piwik (open source solution).

Analytics tools stats