W3Techs, CMS usage statistics, April 2011, WordPress domination

Posted by Hypee | Mon 25, Apr 2011

W3Techs is publishing stats on various web technology usages. Today we will take a look at the CMS usage statistics.

We made a chart with the CMS engines making at last 1% in the W3Techs ranking. It's quite important to note that 75% of the websites are using another CMS/Framework (or are not using any framework) than what W3Techs is monitoring.  

W3Tech CMS usage chart

WordPress is totally dominating the market, an even if it's a lot more than a simple blog engine, it's confirming the huge impact of blogs on the web.

Another interesting point is the presence of the Discuz! CMS in this chart : Discuz! is a chinese PHP CMS. So, the chinese web starts becoming visible and it's surely just a beginning.


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